Friday, March 5, 2010

Clipper Teas


I recently came across the British tea company Clipper, and I'm smitten with their packaging.  It's sweet and whimsical and completely charming.  And they've been bitten by the Alice in Wonderland bug too-- fortunately in a very understated way.  If only Clipper teas were available in the US!


Are you going to watch Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland this weekend?  (Did you know it was first made into a movie in 1903?  I just learned that yesterday!)


  1. Hi Anna,

    beautiful blog! Just wanted to let you know that Clipper teas are available in the United States!

    You can find them on

  2. Those are the cutest tea packets ever! Have you ever had the tea? Is it any good?

    I'm going to see the movie, but I'm in no rush. :-)

  3. I'm a huge tea lover, so always willing to try new varieties! These bags are divine!

    NICE blog!

  4. Darling packaging! And we saw Alice this weekend---it was, ummm, interesting. I did love her wardrobe... XO Katie

  5. Oh my goodness, the packaging is adorable! I'm a newly converted tea fanatic, myself, so I love discovering (new to me) tea companies, especially those who sell loose-leaf tea. I'm off to google Clipper now.

  6. I just LOVE this packaging- especially the flowers on the indian chai! beautiful work*

    thanks for visiting my blog. have a nice day, jane


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