Thursday, March 25, 2010

Urban Wed, part 2

Urban Wed was fun!  It was nice meeting some of the vendors, especially those who have blogs I follow.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but Jen Huang was there snapping away, so I've posted a few of her lovely photos.

To be honest, I don't think I really learned anything at the event that I couldn't have learned from a vendor's website, but the event space was very nicely decorated, and it was fun seeing people's portfolios in real life.

I did say hello to Bryn of Paper Finger, and she said she might start teaching a calligraphy class.  I'd be first in line to sign up if she did!  She also let me play with some of her rubber stamps, which was fun.

Hatch Creative Studio did a lot of the styling, including this gorgeous table:

The stamped books on the mantle are cute:

I loved seeing Paper+Cup in person.  Very impressive-- they have a huge portfolio, with lots of different styles.  There's a Paper+Cup book coming out soon, styled by Randi Brookman Harris, and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Sam Beasley of Samuelle Couture was there with a few of her beautiful dresses.  She also had a bunch of sketches on her table, complete with fabric swatches, and those were really fun to look through.  (I'd frame one if they were for sale!)

There was a photo booth, with props courtesy of Paper Finger.  I guess the hipster mustache trend isn't over yet!

And there were adorable little cupcakes by Nine Cakes.  The frosting-to-cake ratio was a little much for me, but they were so cute!

All and all, a very fun evening.  And now I really want to learn calligraphy!  Paper Finger, are you reading this? 

(This is not a complete list of the vendors present.  I couldn't find photos for all of them. All photos by Jen Huang Photography.)


  1. this event looks like so much fun... I wish we had a couple that we are beautiful here in Atlanta... maybe I can start one myself :)

    I love the picture of the dresses... I'd frame THAT

  2. oh my, so wish I was there to see these beauties up close.

  3. wish i was there* love hatch's reception table design, and those calligraphy samples are divine! thanks for this lovely report.

  4. wow, I am drawn to the cupcakes!!
    Laura in Ludwigsburg


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