Monday, February 22, 2010

Tea, please.

Are you a tea person?  I know I am!  I've really gotten into loose-leaf tea in the past couple of years.  It really does taste infinitely better that teabags, and there are so many fun varieties to try.  I've only scratched the surface!  I'm in the market for a new teapot, so I thought I'd do a little teapot roundup today.  There are so many really beautiful pots, and a teapot is an easy and affordable way to bring a little beauty to the everyday.

How fun is the pointy gold top of this Magic Flute Sarasto Teapot?  At $460, I'll be admiring this one from afar, though! 


I love this "New/Old" tea set by Christine Misniak.  It's handmade out of brass and copper, and is an incredibly reasonable £50.  This one will be going on my Christmas list! 

Glass teapots like this Simone Teapot ($48) are fun because you get to watch the tealeaves slowly unfurl and the colors change.

The classic shape, updated in a perky yellow color.  Citizen Teapot, $27.

Classic Japanese teapots, like this Iwachu Nailhead Teapot ($220) are made out of cast iron and are incredibly solid.  There's no danger of breaking this pot, so it will last a lifetime!

The new Alice in Wonderland movie is coming out next month, and I can't wait to see it.  How fun would it be to throw a post-viewing Mad Hatter teaparty?

Happy tea drinking!


  1. I'm big on tea... drink all kinds of teas... love the Alice in wonderland kettle!

  2. I have a weak spot for cartoons and fairytales. This teapot is brilliant.


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