Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vintage Accessories


(It's all about the details here.)

Vintage.  Antique.  Thrifted.  There's something so charming about the idea of combing through boxes (or racks) at a thrift or vintage store, and coming across that perfect accessory, lamp, painting, or dress.  Some people really excel at it, but it takes time and dedication.  And I seem to lack that.  Plus, thrift stores really do smell strange.

That's why I'm so excited about some fabulous, well-edited online vintage shops that I've come across recently.  I could never do a room in full-on vintage, but little accents here and there--a lamp, a vintage letter opener, a silverplate dish--really add a touch of unique charm and whimsey.

Three vintage stores that I'm really loving right now are High Street Market, The Sunday Times Market, and the newly-opened Katie Armour Home.  I really like brass and marble animal-shaped accessories-- they're charming without being too cutesy.  Here are some of my faves from these etsy sellers:

(Bonus: these are all under $50.)


This adorable little brass piglet paperweight ($26) would make even the most daunting pile of papers more manageable!

These brass planters ($26) are very unique, and would look great on a windowsill, with some greenery trailing out.  Our you could use them as bookends.

How adorable is this owl milk glass dish ($38)?  It would look great on a little girl's dresser, or even on an entryway console table. 

If you're going for a more masculine touch, I think this brass penguin ($45) would fit the bill.  At nearly a foot tall, it would look great on a bar table (they're all the rage now!) or on a side table in a gentleman's study.

Happy shopping!  And tell me: what are your favorite sources for vintage home accessories?

(Top image: source unknown.)


  1. Really lovely items! My home is full of these kinds of small souveniers and stuff, so full that I'm aready thinking of making a seasonal change on the shelves...:)

  2. Love your lovely new blog! Totally know what you mean about thrift shops, I am very allergic to dust & mold, so online is a great alternative. Looking forward to catching up!

  3. You are too sweet to have included my little shop! Don't know how I missed this... Thanks Anna! XO


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